Enter the Basilica

Places exist in the world where time moves differently.

You step through a door and you shift into a new phase of existence.

You see the light…

That’s what it felt like to step inside the Sagrada Familia.

It’s certainly an imposing structure. It’s enormous. Standing outside it, craning up to view the myriad sculptures and designs on the facade, is an exercise in humility. We contort our heads skyward to observe God in the form of Gaudí’s masterwork. We stand, dwarfed by the sheer grandeur radiating from this stone behemoth at the heart of Barcelona.

Somehow this magnitude turns in on itself as you step inside. The Sagrada Familia is not a massive construction of stone after all, but is a living testament to the power of human faith. This was a true work of art, created by a man who lived his entire life in the service of his faith.

This place was built to bring people to the doorstep of God.
Your eyes adjust to the light in an instant, and a living forest of stone rises before you. Light and color fill the place subtly with an aura of vividness.

God is there, in that place. He’s the peace in your heart when you experience true beauty. He’s the stillness in your mind as you stand atop a hill overlooking the countryside.

Gaudí was a man who knew the presence of God, and he built a place where the ubiquitous truth and beauty of the world coalesces and becomes visible.

At least, that’s the feeling of one heretic.

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