Oceans of Shallow

A lot of people love to gripe about “kids today”. Kids today are shallow. Kids today have no patience. Kids today just stare at their god damn phone all day long. Those people are missing the fucking point. There’s nothing wrong with kids today. There’s something wrong with the world.

I don’t like the word society. It’s a word that whiners use to bitch about problems they don’t give enough of a fuck about to actually do something. But the society we live in, the very world we have built, is drowning in an ocean of shallow bullshit.

You can learn any factoid with a fingerstroke or a click, and there is an engine of complex incentives driving you towards more. More clicks, more factoids, more “engagement” on social media. More eyeballs on more corporate adverts. The old news media mantra, “if it bleeds, it leads”, has been incorporated wholesale into a global machine of intellectual masturbation.

It’s shallowness. It’s a base appeal to our inner apes who want nothing but to fuck and fight and smell the sweet scent of freshly dead blood.

We have demanded this culture of shallowness, and thousands have jumped at the chance to provide it. Millions of hours of porn, featuring every conceivable fetish, is available at a mere thought. You can even watch somebody die online, if you know where to look. Lots of people. Up close and personal, or, at least as close as the guy filming it dared to get.


I’ve seen a woman hacked to death while onlookers did nothing. I wasn’t there, of course, but I saw it. I’ve seen death. Explicit images online of death, and blood, and the fear in a man’s eyes as he begs for mercy from his executioner. He does not receive it.

How can I ever return to depth, to study, to perseverance, when an entire world of every conceivable sin, every vice, gratification for every base human impulse, lies forever an instant away?

How can any of us be expected to defeat the screen when our own minds drive us ever deeper down the rabbithole?

We live in an ocean of shallows.
We’re all drowning, and the guys who built the ship sold the lifeboats.

In other words, we’re fucked until something changes.
And it’s not the kids fault, so go easy on them for fucks sake.

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