More for Less

It’s odd, visiting the most expensive city in the world.

London is a beautiful city. The architecture oozes history. You can’t piss in the wind in London without hitting some historic monument or another. There are beautiful parks, incredible museums, and a rich and diverse sense of culture.

But I don’t know why the fuck anyone would want to live here. Everything is so goddamn expensive. The trains, the food, even the fucking bathrooms. London is the most expensive city in the world, or near enough so as to make no difference. Even for an experienced thrifty traveler like myself, this city is a real drain on the wallet.

It’s made me appreciate what I had in Mexico, and even in Texas. In my hometown of Houston, I can have a big ass hamburger with sides and a drink or a huge plate of barbecue for the same price as a shitty plastic tin of Chinese takeout here in London. It’s nuts. In Mexico, I lived like a king. In London, my room is the same size as my old apartment’s bathroom.

That’s beside the point though. This has all made me appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to travel the way I do. I don’t have to stay in this city, or anywhere for that matter.  I can do my job anywhere, and that lets me stretch my wages many times farther than I would be able to if I lived here. I work part time, and I can afford to live the good life.

More for less. More food, more space, more travel. More girls, more dates, more sex. Everything is bountiful for the man who embraces the fact that staying put is a losing game.

We Americans are so lucky, and nobody fucking appreciates it. We have all this money, all these opportunities, and all my generation wants to do is whine like little bitches about how they deserve more. Well, personally I think I deserve a lot less. Honestly. I’m not that good of a person. I’m not a very hard worker. I’m not that talented. It’s lucky that I’m exceptionally good looking or else I think my life would be a lot more difficult.

The point being, we Americans are given such a gift merely in our birth, but most of us sit around in our hometowns complaining instead of going out into the world and claiming what’s ours.

There is a whole world of opportunity out there. There are so many countries full of people who make less in a day than you make in an hour. Mexico, my previous destination, is one of those. Philippines, my next destination, is perhaps even lower on the economic ladder than Mexico, if you can imagine it. I talked to one woman who makes 300 PHP (the currency in Philippines) for a 10 hour day at work. That’s like 5 bucks and change. Seriously. I could pay someone in the Philippines to stare at a wall for 10 hours just for fun if I wanted, that’s how far the gap is between us economically.

Dirtbags like me shouldn’t have that kind of economic power, but somehow I’ve stumbled into this world of abundance where my pittance of a part-time online income is magnified into this kingly sum that can buy me whatever my heart desires. And it’s fucking weird. Everyone in my family at home treats me like I’m some unfortunate soul who doesn’t have a real job and who hasn’t found his way or whatever. But as soon as I step foot into one of these beautiful countries full of the devastatingly poor, I’m fucking Scarface sitting on a mountain of cash with floozies on either arm.

And you know what? People in Mexico aren’t sitting around wallowing in poverty all day. Sure, there are slums, and there are homeless, but your average people are just going about their day to day shit. Just like they do in your hometown. And I would bet that people in the Philippines are doing the same shit too. Living in a rich country doesn’t buy you a rich life.

People like to gripe about the “1%”, the top 1% elite who hold all the wealth. That’s a big talking point, that the 1% are bleeding our country dry (or something). Well, on a global scale, the top 99th percentile (top 1%) of income is about 23K USD per year. Which is below the poverty line in the US. So if you’re an American, and you’re not absolutely dirt-fucking-poor, you’re rich compared to pretty much everybody else in the fucking world.

I understand it’s not so easy for most people to travel as it is for me. People get stuck. People have jobs and families and shit that they can’t leave behind. I get that. But it seems to me that if you’re going to pay such a high price to stay where you are, you should at least view it as worth the cost. Don’t go around griping all the time about the government or your shitty job or whatever. If you don’t like it, move to fucking Asia and be worshiped just for being American. Otherwise shut the fuck up about it.

And I prefer not to end this lovely piece on such a negative note, so here are some nice words.

London is quite pretty.
Filipino women are exotic and eager to please.
Mexican people are just lovely in all respects
America is rich and also cheap, which is a God-blessed combination exclusive to God’s favorite country. Fuck yeah, USA.


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