Truth and Consciousness

Truth is a slippery concept.

Truth is like what happens when you look out over the countryside from the top of a mountain. Everything fades to the background, except for this one feeling of peace and respect and love. Truth is a moment in time where nothing exists except you and the world. Everything is just there, and there’s no filter between you and everything else. You aren’t a person, with a job, and a family, and a mortgage. You’re just there.

That’s what real truth is.

Truth isn’t, “1+1=2”. That’s a mathematical fact, but it’s only true in the sense that it’s factual. It’s a concept, contrived by humans, to convey the actual truth of the universe in a form which our language can express.

However, we’re not properly equipped to express real truth. Language doesn’t cut it. Words can’t convey the feeling of truth. We can’t tell another person what it feels like to be on top of a mountain looking down at the world. We can only bring them there and let them feel it for themselves. We can tell someone where to look, but we can never tell them what to see.

Truth is elusive.

People can talk about truth, of course. People can talk about the “Platonic Truth”, where there is one true version of everything, which exist on some platonic plane of existence. Or we can talk about “spiritual truth”, which might be that God created the universe, or that when we die we go to Heaven, or something like that. But even those are just ideas, mere representations of the feeling of truth.

We can feel like there is some other realm out there, whether it’s the Christian conception of truth, or the Platonic conception of truth, or any other explanation of truth… All religions in the world, and a good many secular philosophic systems… All of them point towards this one “Truth” that exists.

All systems of expressing truth can be traced to one pure feeling within the human spirit. That’s the source of all religions. When a Christian prays to Jesus, when a Muslim prays to Allah, and when a Hindu prays to Vishnu or Brahma, we’re all attempting to commune with this same universal truth. All Gods are representations of this feeling we all have in our hearts. God is the conceptualization of this elusive truth within all mankind.

Consciousness is truth, in and of itself.

We don’t understand it, but we can feel it. We can feel the truth of it, when we’re up there on a mountaintop. We can feel it when we see our child’s face for the first time. We understand it, deep inside our souls, but as soon as we try to wrap it up in words it eludes us. Truth is something greater than language. Truth defies all explanation.

Truth is bigger than any one person. Truth doesn’t care what you do, or what you say, or by what name you call your God. It just is, and when we allow ourselves to do the same, to simply be, we can glimpse truth, if only for a moment. We can elevate our consciousness above the bullshit of our daily lives, and from that place we can see the truth of the world in all its glory.

Truth is,

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