One day,

One day the world won’t be such a lonely place anymore.

One day we’ll all be connected.

One day nobody will go hungry.

One day there will be enough space for everyone and then some.

One day people won’t kill each other to survive.

One day we’ll evolve.

One day we’ll learn to be kind.

One day we’ll learn to trust each other.

One day all the beauty in your mind will become real.

One day all the screens will disappear and fade into the background.

One day we’ll have empathy.

One day we’ll choose to die with grace.

One day people won’t be victims.

One day we’ll tell our kids the world isn’t such a scary place.

One day they’ll believe us.

One day we’ll be free.

One day people will do what they really want.

One day we’ll leave our doors unlocked.

One day we’ll say hello to our neighbors.

One day we won’t secretly hate each other.

One day we’ll say what we feel.

One day we won’t need to.

One day our minds will be as one.

One day we’ll be enlightened.

One day nobody will die on the streets.

One day rapes and murders will be newsworthy.

One day we won’t poison ourselves.

One day we’ll be whole again.

One day we’ll understand each other.

One day we’ll express love for our fellow man.

One day we’ll focus on what unites us.

One day we’ll grow past our differences.

One day we’ll live how we know we should.

One day we’ll have no choice.

One day our choices will be unlimited.

One day we’ll choose what really matters.

One day we won’t lie to the ones we love.

One day we’ll learn to discern the truth.

One day we’ll think for ourselves.

One day we’ll trust the ones who know better.

One day the last war will end.

One day we’ll declare war on poverty instead.

One day our kids will ask why people killed each other.

One day we’ll wish we had a better reason.

One day we won’t be able to ignore the suffering.

One day we’ll all make a change.

One day we’ll stand as a world united.

One day we’ll die to make it happen.

One day we’ll believe in something bigger than ourselves.

One day people will care.

One day humanity will reach the stars.

One day we’ll bring the stars down to earth.

One day we’ll find peace.

One day human dignity will be a human right.

One day the world won’t be such a lonely place anymore.

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