Summer’s End Update

As a wonderful summer draws to a close, it strikes me that I ought to say something. Namely, I ought to say something about where the hell I’ve been, for those of you that follow the blog. I haven’t posted anything for about 3 months, but fret not, dear readers. I’ve been writing all the while, I assure you.

Before the end of the year, *knock on wood*, I intend to release to the public… My very first (and very small) book. Very exciting stuff. It’s called, The Wanderer, and writing it has been quite an experience. Lots of ups and downs and screw-ups and glorious revelations. Mainly, I’ve learned a lot about the virtue of sticking with a project until the bitter end. Or, in this case, what’s shaping up to be a rather wholesomely sweet ending. Not for the characters, but for me, the important one in this story.

Anyway, that’s a big reason why I haven’t been writing much on here. My writing has been solely focused on getting Wanderer ready before the end of the year, and I’m happy to say I’m right on track towards making that happen. Check back in December to see if I’m full of crap or not.

Another reason I haven’t posted is a bit less lovely. I had a plan for a glorious hitchhiking adventure through Japan. It was going to be a several weeks long journey, and I was going to take photos and make copious notes to compile into a long adventurer’s log. This plan went into the trash when I came down with a horrendous flu on the first day of my adventure, and I flew home to the Philippines in bitter defeat. The first day was awesome, though. Perhaps I’ll write about those couple weeks in Japan one of these days, but at the time of my return the words simply would not come. The pain was too fresh.

As my dear readers will have noticed, pain is a recurring theme in my writings here. Pain, depression, isolation, misery, and the human condition… Well, the past several months have been good to me in that regard. Perhaps I haven’t had much to gripe about. Perhaps I haven’t exposed myself to the raw, terrible natures of the human soul. Perhaps I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time, and such feelings do not lend themselves to writings the likes of which tend to occupy these blogpages.

I’ve got a steady girlfriend of six months. I’ve got a steady job. I’ve got steady friends, and a steady schedule. I’m still striving to be better, of course, but things have been generally predictable for awhile. I’m on a new diet, now, but that doesn’t make for exciting prose, now does it? Guys, today was amazing, I ate chicken and some vegetables! No thanks. I’m feeling especially good after changing my diet, though, which makes sense. Pizza and Chinese takeout aren’t exactly the building blocks of excellence.

Life has been good to me these past months, despite the struggles, and I’m grateful for that every day. I’d like you to know I’m grateful for you, too. Whoever you are that reads my words, be you a friend, or family (not likely, unless I’m dead and you’re reading this out of sad nostalgia), or perhaps a past lover of mine that still thinks of me sometimes. It’s OK. I think about you sometimes, too.

The thing is, I would love for things to continue just this way. I’d love to keep progressing, and being happy in my relationship, and to be making long strides towards my authorial goals. I’m progressing towards all my goals steadily, with a few hiccups along the way of course… But I know life has a way of surprising us.

So, I write this to inform you, my lovely reader, that I have not forgotten you. Life is simply quiet, for now. Let’s talk again when things liven up a bit, shall we?

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