Wanderer Update, Upcoming Projects, and Also Am I Alive?

Hello everyone. Yes I am alive.

The Coronavirus situation took me by surprise, despite me being warned about a million times. Yeah, yeah, who cares, it’s not affecting ME! And then, it did affect me, like, a lot.

But anyway. You already know about the situation probably.

So here’s how my book is coming. Quite well actually! As of today, March 26th, the final draft is complete and sent off to my wonderful editor for some final notes. After a short while, I’ll be working on some finishing touches, and then it’s off to the presses! The figurative presses at least. E-book versions will be available starting mid-April, with print versions coming along some time this summer.

In short, I’m alive, back home in God Blessed US of A, and my primary creative endeavor of the past year is finally, FINALLY, coming to fruition. After months of delays, missed deadlines, and creative slump after creative slump… We did it.

So, what’s next? After Wanderer releases next month, there are two major projects in the pipeline.

First, there is another major novel in the works. This one is still very early, and likely won’t be done until, maybe, late 2021. The title is Jak and the Beanpole, and it’s a project which is very dear to my heart. It’s the first of my lovely darlings, a full-length novel which has been rattling around in my brain for many years now. It’s not my oldest idea, nor my most favorite, but it’s very close on both counts.

The second major project in the pipeline is a collection of short stories. The final collection will have ~10 short stories of varying length, ranging from just a few pages to short novella length. I have already written several of the shorter ones, with the longer ones scheduled to be written in-between drafts of the coming novel, JatB. The collection might come out before JatB, or maybe after, depending on how many breaks I take from working on the novel.

I truly hope many of you will read The Wanderer, and after doing so I hope you will be encouraged to read my future works as well. You may find up-to-date information regarding my books on the books tab of the blog.

Of course, I will continue to write blogs about my travels and various mental ramblings, but as always my major creative focus is my books. This blog is more of a place for me to dump all my various craziness. And I am truly grateful to have you, dear reader, along on this journey with me.

Eternally yours,
Jack Wolfe

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